Budapest:  Faces in the City

Budapest: Faces in the City

A smiling fellow in the open kitchen at Champs Beer Garden on Margaret Island

Our first trip to Budapest will forever be inscribed in my memory as the vacation when I really started taking photos of people…..

I have had a passion for architectural and city space photos for almost a couple of decades now.  This fact is not even subtle…if you were to flip through my photo albums from the 90′s and early 21st century, you’d probably get a really great sense for the built environment in the places I have experienced.  But people, not so much.

An introduction to Creole cuisine last year by way of a summer trip to New Orleans ushered forth the inner foodie in me and that experience also led to a food blog that is more casual, fun and for memory’s sake than it is an attempt at hardcore food discussions.  And, I found out, I love taking photos of food too.

And now, as Budapest has shown me, I love taking photos of people…..even if it is a city I have never been to before and I can barely communicate with them.

So here’s a few pictures of some folks in Budapest.  People who make food.  People who  serve food.  People who play music over food. People walking on the street.  Just people.


Lovely lady at Champs Beer Garden

The dj at Champs Beer Garden.  He was especially patient with me.  By this point my spontaneous photo sessions with various strangers was a bit flavored by the fact that we were in a beer garden and well, one tends to drink beer in the beer garden…..

Beautiful tattoo eh?!! The bartender at Champs.

Adrian from Dark Art Tattoo, with whom I had a session and got a range of 3 trees in a very minimalist and bold style.  Love the tattoo and dig their studio atmosphere too.

In photographing Adrian,  I hope that what I had really heralded with the shot was the start of a personal trend: lots of tattoo culture and tattoo artist pics!


Lots of soft kissing on the streets of Budapest.  I think locals and travellers alike find this to be one romantic city.

Another fellow from Champs Beergarden who looks very serious in this picture, but was one of the most playful waiters I have ever seen, doing Michael Jackson type slides when he walked to and fro….


Fellows at Champs

I will need to focus on the ladies a bit more next time!  Or at least a good mix. Just so happened that males seemed to dominate the staff gender ratio at most of the places we ate and drank at….


The fellows at the delicious 21 restaurant on the Buda side.  Great service, delicious food and  a very photogenic atmosphere and location!


Across the street, the staff of a sister restaurant, Pierrot, await the night’s beginning…..

 Much more Budapest blog post love to come!  With more images from Champs, 21, Dark Art Tattoo as well as streetscapes of Buda and Pest, the stunning river views and more…..