New Heart for Nürnberg

New Heart for Nürnberg


Documentation Centre

Nürnberg is an easy 45 minute commute for us and a somewhat frequent day tripping destination.  For whatever reason, up until recently, it simply was not my favorite day tripping spot.  Perhaps it’s because our route rarely varied- exit train station, meander through the commercial heart of the city, visit the castle and enjoy some dining spot and watering hole downtown before heading back home.

A recent Saturday trip to this Bavarian city changed my perspective.  Perhaps it was the golden August weather.  Perhaps it was viewing the city from a new angle- we arrived first at the Documentation Centre (pictured above and further below) and experiencing the leafy outskirts of the town set a whole new mood for city exploration.  Perhaps it was also the effect of approaching the city by tram- again, new perspectives.  And within the city on this fine summer day, couples in long embrace and kissing on bridges.

All in all, my heart surged for Nürnberg in a new way.




One of the current exhibitions at the Documentation Centre.  Were it not for a good friend in town visiting from Berlin, whose organization put together this exhibit, I may have not been compelled to visit this place so soon.

Later on that evening, another heartstring moment- viewing a newly married couple from my vantage point in a beer garden, with the Documentation Center and what could be perceived as a controversial landmark looming in the background…….