Riches of Nymphenburg

Riches of Nymphenburg

A lovely day of trippin’ around some quintessential Bavarian Landmarks, beginning with the palatial splendor of Nymphenburg…..




One of the native habitats of a restorationist


I have taken a break from the fish eye lenses after having used it almost exclusively for the first few months of the year.  Walking around the grounds of Nymphenburg brought me back to my fish eye baby as I brought it out of its hibernation in my bag and left it on for the remainder of the Nymphenburg explorations.



 The hunting lodge of somebody’s wife.  Very royal and very cozy at the same time.





Inside Amalienburg’s own Hall of Mirrors

What an awesome kitchen!!!!



 Once a royal child’s playhouse.  Or maybe even a royal adult.



Carriage Museum

To Go A’Sleigh Riding with Diana

I had a very strange response to the above carriages, the over the top, gilded and ornate carriages of King Ludwig II (of Neuschwanstein fame).  I think you can get a sense of weirdness from the picture.  If a carriage can be called “hallucinatory,”  then this one is.

Rains coming on our departure for the next place…..