Munich: Streetscape & Ink

Munich: Streetscape & Ink

Had some business to do in Munich one recent morning and decided to make a day of it.  So far, I have barely explored Munich except for one 4 hour excursion on the last day of 2010 before heading back to our hinterland residence, somewhat thankful to actually be living away from the crowds.

But you know me, any time I have in the city is a time full of photography opportunities….

So I set out after my business was done, fairly clueless about navigating the city but hitting the pavement nonetheless to just walk and walk and walk.

And to shop a little bit and window shop even more.  One thing I learned about Munich on this trip- not only is it a pretty gorgeous city, but it is really dense with all sorts of awesome and beautiful shops. The apparent wealth of the city is really almost ostentatious.  Whereas 10 years ago I favored cities like Berlin, with patchworks of gritty and interesting little spaces everywhere combined with majestic landmarks and memorials, these days I find myself drawn to the clean and rhythmic beauty that a city like Munich possesses.

As Thomas Wolfe said (as seen quoted in a guidebook), this city is “A German heaven on Earth.”


After a little bit of shopping, and the temptation to do more, I stuck to the plan I had in mind from the previous night.


I hadn’t made any appointments, but I had written down the name of one store I found online the previous night.  I may not know how to navigate Munich at all, but I did have the foresight to jot down the main route to this place, and the determination to find it.  So off I went….


And on the way peeked into some nooks and crannies (like Hotel Cocoon, above) and also started to collect some simple and straightforward Munich streetscape photos…


Adore the balconies layered throughout the city….

And finally, found Liquid Sky Tattoo.

Turns out there had been a few cancellations, so they were able to fit me in.  With a train to catch in about 3 hours, I wasn’t sure this was going to work out….but for the luck of some good timing…..

Above, pre-tattoo (the vines and ankh were done in 2000 at Anchor Tattoo in Seattle).

Today was about getting a phrase from one of my favorite poems, Whoso List to Hunt, that I have had in mind for years….


Mara, the tattoo artist that worked on me, noted that “The Tattoo Gods are with us today.”  That’s always nice to hear right before you’re about to get inked….

Noli me tangere tat (photographed a few days later back home in the backyard….)

Freshly inked and just in time to navigate the Munich subway system to get to the train station and catch my ride home….