Classic Berlin Tour: Part I

Classic Berlin Tour: Part I

As mentioned before, the Spring trip to Berlin was largely about seeing the major sights.   Fortunately, one can cover quite a lot of landmark ground in a few days.  A city like Berlin certainly deserves more than 72 hours, but it’s what we had and we gave it our best, always enjoy exploring Berlin’s landmarks and its’ shifting nooks and crannies…


Once we got checked into the hotel I was revving to go. For a walk.  So I zipped from the Embassy District, where we were staying, to buzzing Zoologischer Garten and back again.  Only to find my walking route completely blocked by caravans of Polizei vans.  A protest was in full effect just two blocks from where we were staying.

And though I have never participated in, nor seen, many protests in Berlin, I know they are a staple of the city life. So the detours I had to take to get “home” were welcome ones as I got to experience the thumping crescendo of a lively protest in the Embassy District (which seemed also part carnival/part dance party)….

Complete with numerous Polizei vans….


The Berlin Bear.

These guys are all over the place.  The business plaque for this building read

“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit”



An obligatory walk through the Sony Center.  We did not linger long though.


The Holocaust Memorial.



Below, the Holocaust Memorial with the Alexanderplatz turm tower in the distance

Brandenburg Tür

Heading towards a special treat….a concert a dear friend was in at the Berliner Dom.  Saturday evening in Berlin proved to be beautiful and full of many spaces and dialogues…..


Balloons bouncing at a concert in the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral). Highly unusual concert and absolutely awesome tactic of engaging an otherwise passive (neccessarrily)  audience by bouncing these balloon balls through the space. Audience members keeping the balls gliding through the air……