Pergamon Museum Highlights

Pergamon Museum Highlights

Our recent Spring weekend trip to Berlin was deliberately mostly unstructured.  But, there was something we had to do. The hub’s sole request was a day on Museumsinsel (Museum Island).  And so it was.  And here it is, the first of a few posts from a gorgeous and bright Sunday on Museumsinsel.

Actually, the series of posts from this day started with the last post which featured a really easy hunt for my image in a batch of photos.  That post features the beginning of our time in Pergamon.  Here’s a bit of the rest.  You know me, always loving the space. And for the love of museum architecture, you do have to swoon a bit at the beauty of it all…..

A part in the depiction of Telephos, who was apparently suckled by woodland nymphs, which I found interesting.

Temple of Jupiter

Gates of Ishtar