One Fine Morn in Austria

One Fine Morn in Austria

Our last morning in Salzburg earlier this month allowed us to witness & enjoy the brink of the warm season.  We watched the city come alive through the morning hours & into the afternoon on a truly golden Spring day.

Salzburg.  My kind of town.  Cradled in the mountains, the deer emblem throughout local symbols, brisk, cool Spring air in May & a lovely mix of local and traveller. So, to round off the Salzburg posts, one fine morning in Austria follows in images….

Staying on Goldgasse Str. in Old Town allowed for an immediate experience of the area awakening & a buzz that, by late morn would be in full force, no doubt encouraged by the golden tone of the day’s weather.

These masks figures were intriguing. Hours after I took this photo I found they had disappeared & that they were fur protesters in front of a fur shop.

Entering Mirabellgarten

I didn’t learn the names of the statues, but being a mythology lover, this one struck me as resemblant to the story of Hades & Persephone.

Having just crossed the Salzach and now en route back to Old Town

Having a coffee at historic Cafe Tomaselli

Goldgasse Str, Altstadt (Old Town)