Salzburg by Night

Salzburg by Night

My travelling company (in laws from the Pacifc Northwest) retired to their room after a bit of dining and drinking in the restaurant of the cozy and deep wooded Hotel Goldene Ente, where I feasted for the first time on Wild Garlic Soup (a lovely end to a full day of labyrinthian fortess/castle exploration).  On their Bavarian vacation, using our home as a base camp, they had already covered good ground in the region. Going the farthest southeast that we could on the DB Bahn Bavarian Pass (29 Euro for up to 5 adults for a day of travel), was, I wager, a highlight for all of us.

A good night’s rest was in store.  But I held off on tucking in and proceeded to do what I love to do in any city- be it new or very familiar to me- photograph the urbanity by night.

As dusk faded to night and I made my way from Alstadt to Neustadt and then back to the city’s old heart again, I realized I would need to wait until the following morning to engage with the buzz of local life again.  A Monday night in May proved to be a rather calm scene in Salzburg, the weather perhaps still a bit too chilly for outdoor seating to become a permanent fixture at many venues late into the night.

Thus, my nighttime photo expedition did not last late into the night and also did not produce many results.  Salzburg, a sweet town, is not by any means electric at night….but, as of my first impression, smooth, understated and relaxed.  And not very brightly lit.

Curious finding a Swedish candy store along the Salzach….

I am a fan of the quirk, but also a lover of some traditions.  And coffeehouse culture in Austria is one tradition I was looking forward to being introduced to, if only by way of a brief meeting with one of the old coffeehouses spaces.

Which is what brought me circling around Cafe Tomaselli a few times during our brief stay.  Inspecting their sugar packet when back at home, I was not surprised to found the link printed there led to a coffee company (clearly their suppliers) whose instant coffee product I had purchased some months back, has since served to impress both myself and guests (some of the most surprisingly delicious instant coffee that seems to exist- but I wouldn’t expect less from a premier Austrian coffee company).  Their espresso and coffee brew must be sublime.  A safe assumption, considering that Salzburg’s oldest coffeehouse serves it up.

Peeking into Cafe Tomaselli after closing…..



Platzhirsch, Goldgasse Str.

Across from the Hotel Goldene Ente which I have already quietly raved about in previous posts.

Having a final Hefeweizen on the quickly quieting streets of Altstadt (Old Town).  Goldgasse Str, being practically the heart of this little neighborhood, seemed to receive a continuous light flow of passenger traffic through nightfall.