Castle. Mountain. City.

Castle. Mountain. City.

Wandering the cemetery and ambling up towards the hill in search of the Reißzug, the mountain crawling lift for getting up to the castle.

Dog in art shop along the way

Transportation found.  View from the side of the little mountain.

Views of Salzburg from above.  Minutes from the time of this photograph, I realized it was a very good moment to play with my zoom lens…..Results of which can be seen on a prior Salzburg post

It was around here that I got separated from my travelling company.  They headed in to view the castle grounds and museum and I proceeded to go nuts photographing the city with the zoom lens.


Seeking to capture the beauty of the mountains.

At the time of this photograph, I am now lost on the castle/fortress grounds.  I have no idea where my travelling companions are and there are so many photogenic nooks and crannies to the grounds that while searching for my company, I am distracted at every turn…..




Outdoor seating season has not quite begun here.

After a full afternoon of Salzburg high life, enjoying a bowl of Wild Garlic Soup at the restaurant of Hotel Goldene Ente……

Tucking into the room to freshen up….


And off into what would be a very calm Salzburg night……