Salzburg: Old Town Fabric

Salzburg: Old Town Fabric

We knew upon our arrival to the Hotel Golden Ente in Salzburg that we had chosen right in terms of hotel.  Located in the heart of the Old Town, the Hotel Goldene Ente was the perfect base camp for an introductory trip to Salzburg.

The hostesss/innkeeper was a stellar bonus.  We received a spectacular and warm welcome to this cozy, and rustic (yet urban), hotel- the type of service that makes a loyal customer out of one immediately.  It certainly helped that within my first few moments of being in this photogenic Alpine city, I already knew I was a lover of the place. Hints of this could in fact be felt as the scenery shifted on the train ride in and on immediate approach.

Above and below pics, clearly not the Old Town.  First couple of shots taken in Salzburg, after we hopped into the taxi to be whisked from the train station to the Old Town.  Our taxi driver was very chatty and not only knew English quite well but also was very aware of Pacific Northwest geography (where my travelling company lives) and had a lot of interesting tidibts to share about the American presence in the city since the 1950′s. Unfortunately, I did not take notes, but his comments will likely lead to some light research on my part.


Now moving into the Old Town.  Above, horse drawn carriages await passengers near Residenzplatz.


Inside the Salzburger Dom (Salzburg Cathedral)




Appreciating store signage culture in Salzburg.  Reminds me of the beginnings of my love for unique and old school store signage in New Orleans….



This is how Salzburg does McDonalds.  Gone are the garish golden arches…

Enter the garden space…

So ridiculous.  In a good way.

And the McDonald’s in Salzburg sells macarons.  This is simply crazy, in the best of ways.  I happened to have just written a brief post on the macaron prior to this trip.

By far, one of my favorite old store signs.  Perfume and fotos?  What’s not to love?

Something about the font grabs me too.  Will have to do some sniffing about to find out what this font is…..

Austrian cities have a rich history of coffeehouse culture. So, on this first trip to the country, I found it crucial to visit and take a coffee at the oldest cafe in Salzburg.  I must have passed by this historic building a half a dozen times until finally having a coffee (the next morning) there.

This is the first city I have been to in the region where dirndl shops could be found on literally every block.  I came to really adore the many adorable and pretty examples of the traditional garb.  So much so, that for the first time I found myself committing to start scoping out shops for one this year.  Perhaps I’ll just have to return to Salzburg for this project…