Nürnberg Familiarity

Nürnberg Familiarity

After about a half a year in the region, we’ve developed a sense of day trips along with a familiarity of nearby cities and towns.  That said, I have to admit that Nürnberg is simply not my favored day trip spot.  There are typically too many crowds and an overwhelming sense of commercial activity in the introduction to the city for me to really enjoy the space from the get go.

Not to mention the absurd situation outside the main train station of very few crosswalks and people darting across incredibly busy streets to get to the city center.  Mental note: capture images of this absurdity next time around.  In the land of very well organized public transportation, this particular area around the Nürnberg Hauptbahnhof is an amazing black hole of “whatever goes” in terms of pedestrian crossings.

Return to Nürnberg we must do though, with special guests in town.  And we do like returning.  We have developed our own little ritual in visiting this city.  Our own tradition of routes to take and places to eat and grab a beer.  I have already come to favor other cities, for various reasons, but Nürnberg excursions begin to call for research, to fully appreciate what interesting things might exist on the outskirts that we simply have not delved into with our city center focused explorations.

That said, on a Saturday like today, when the rain clouds started rolling in around 17:00, it was not a bad idea at all that we stuck to just keeping it simple and central and hopping on the train before the rains started…..


City of Markets

Nürnberg is famed for its Christmas market, but nearly every time we have visited, the streets are buzzing with some sort of activity, this time, a rather extensive “Flea Market”





On the peaceful and woodsy level of the Nürnberg castle, Kaiserburg

Little treasures you begin to find and notice upon repeat returns

Beautiful vantage point from the castle

I convinced my travelling company to take our beer and food break at the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, a place not far from the castle that I had been introduced to earlier this year, leading to a simple and direct love-food relationship with the “bangers” on their menu: a plate of potato pancakes, horseradish and smoked salmon. I had the same exact thing on this excursion.  Creature of habit in full development.

On a side note, this “Old Town Brewery” is located right above the underground layers that are the location for the Subterranean Nuremburg tours, which I had the fortune to take in January as a private guided tour as arranged by  a Berliner Unterwelten representative. Sitting in the courtyard of the Old Town Brewery, we were able to watch the comings and goings of several underground tour groups, rounding off their many layered underground excursion with a beer and a typical fresh Bavarian pretzel.

St. Sebaldus Cathedral