After a few easygoing and well spent days in Malmö, we headed over the Öresund bridge by train for an overnighter in Copenhagen.  The hotel we were staying at, a historic landmark that originally was a grain warehouse, was beautifully and conveniently placed in the heart of the city amidst all the laidback urban action.

The long Easter vacation weekend started on the very day we got there so perhaps some of that energy we were seeing was a city thoroughly enjoying some of the first truly golden, almost hot Spring days. Vacation days or not, I get the sense that a relaxed but upbeat approach is ingrained in the ways of the city and its inhabitants.

We strolled up and down Nyhavn numerous times, stopping for ice cream or a bite to eat or drink.  I’m also guessing that this must be one of the most photographed areas in all of Scandinavia. Though of course, the region is rife with gorgeous natural and urban scenes.










Enjoyed this tidbit I found about the above pictured Hong Kong Bar.  While walking along Nyhavn, I could imagine the days of old when this stretch was probably a lot grittier….

“One of the last remaining places from Nyhavn’s notorious former years as Copenhagen’s den of vice, the Hong Kong Bar hasn’t closed in decades. In fact, it doesn’t even have a lock on the door, because it’s always open for business. Don’t expect the same kind of tourist treatment here as in the rest of Nyhavn – this subterranean drinking hole is of a different breed.”- Source: Jane Graham, The bodega: where everybody knows your name, Copenhagen Post Online