Revisiting Malmö

Revisiting Malmö

It had been about a decade since I had been back to Sweden, up until this month’s Spring heralding journey to Malmö.  The city is the site of many idlyllic Summer vacation memories from my childhood, when no matter what the weather- glorious Scandinavian light nights or classic cool, rainy grey days- times were sweet, simple, full of licorice, saft, stationary and familiar smells.

A revisiting was of utmost necessity. So when my husband and I discussed where we would go on this first Spring journey, I was quietly delighted to hear that he wanted to visit Scandinavia.  This would be his first time stepping on the soils of the region, indulging in the abundant fish dishes and tuning his ear to the variants in Scandinavian languages. And a timely moment for a return for me, to memories as well as a city of rich tradition as well as dynamic changes, and my first return in a decade.

I’d say we had a pretty useful and funny start to getting immediately integrated in the experience.  On the flight from Munich to Copenhagen on SAS, we were surrounded by the Norwegian national female ice hockey team and as soon as the Danish stewardess starting speaking over the microphone, the hub’s eyes widened and his impersonations of the Swedish cook on the Muppets began.

That bit aside, I was actually really impressed by his rapid observation of the difference between Swedish and Danish. And, I was pretty happy to find that my own language skills hadn’t gotten too shabby. Swedish, that is. Nobody in Denmark seemed to have a clue what I was saying.

Downtown Malmö



Feasting at Lilla Torg



Art Gallery in Malmö Museum



Västra Hamnen

West Harbor

The last time I was in this harbor area it was a Living Expedition, showcasing the different apartment and house models designed from architects around the world that were in construction.  It was an impressive and interesting expedition and to return to now see it as a well inhabited community only heightened my interest to read more about it’s history and the various architects conceptions behind the different living models and designs.   In the past ten years the development has become an extensive harbor side residential community, a model for green buildings and a vital and energetic node of the city.

Öresund Bridge in the distance


One of the apartment buildings with the now iconic architectural symbol of the Turning Torso building beside it


Video Installation: Elsewhere

Central Station