Settling in...

Settling in…

When we went house hunting last October, freshly arrived in Deutschland, we did not really hunt.  We chose the first house we saw. Well, actually we did look at one other home, a huge and interesting country style place, but at the end of the day it was just too remote, and maybe even spooky, for my taste.

So we chose the bright, 3 leveled (well, 5 if you count basement and attic), white walled, airy space that I sometimes refer to as ‘the treehouse.’

And five months after moving in, I’d say we’ve got the space pretty much figured out.

This is our home.

The Murph lounging on an Ikea manual.

With as much Ikea furnishings we have invested in, we may look vaguely like a lived-in Ikea ad.

Our historic military propaganda  hallway

The beginnings of my own photo gallery that will wind up and down the stairwell…..

The kitchen is not very exciting.  And for a fairly spacious house, it is also surprisingly small (though there is speculation that the small room on the 3rd floor that now serves as my workshop was once a second kitchen)….

Moving along….

A flashback to Christmas.  This was the day before Christmas Eve, when the movers delivered our stuff and we set to work to at least make the living room habitable for the holidays. There’s a whole post about it here.

But the main reason I used this photo here is to illustrate the spatial brainstorming we had to do.  With the kitchen being so small, the cupboards were quickly filled up with just dry goods, leaving no space whatsoever for dishes, pots, pans, glasses….

So the mess you see in the far left corner of the picture (behind the Christmas tree) is the beginning of the pile of cookware etc that we simply had no space for.  It sat there for awhile until…

…we found this.

No, not the cat.  If you have been to my blog before you already probably have met Murph.

The shelving system. It’s not fancy, was pretty affordable and sure does provide a lot of space that we lacked.

This was really our first big move together, and perhaps the first really big move (as in moving an entire house of stuff) for both the hub and I in our adult lives. I’ve moved plenty before, but never with so much stuff.

But.  Alas.  We moved to a house with a lot of space in general, except for in the kitchen, but only one closet.  Yes.  That’s right.  One single closet right by the front door.

Which is not so unusual in these parts.  Wardrobe systems are so commonplace in furniture stores here for that very reason. People literally move with their closets.  Movable closets.

But being from America, land of houses with (often) walk in closets if not just some regular ole’ decent closet space, it took a smidgen of getting adjusted to. We had our adventures in furniture-store-land, oohhing and aaaahing over some rather lovely wardrobe systems.

But at the end of the day, as many military families know, although its awesome that your stuff gets packed up, moved and unloaded for you, there are some potential damages that are bound to occur.  We quickly learned in this first big move that investing in furniture we loved and wanted to have around for a long time was going to be a gradual affair.

So some of our solution came in the way of furniture that was inexpensive, fairly easy to assemble, and also would not break our homebody hearts to leave behind if we had to.

So, in its first incarnation in our home, this shelving system serves a great purpose of extending the kitchen space.  But I get the feeling that in future incarnations (in future homes), it will go in my workshop or maybe even the garage. Who knows, could be a fun shelf for a garage too.


I just like the fact that Data from Star Trek ended up in this pic.

The man cave is a pretty cool and cozy space.

Beginnings of a guest bedroom.

And this is about how half our house looked for a few months.

Post assembly and tidying up: a simple, clean and comfortable space for guests.

Actually, not one, but two simple yet cozy and  comfortable rooms for guests!!!

Peeking into my workshop.  More about that little space here.

Ronja in the workshop

And now entering one of my favorite spaces…..

I loved the room at first sight

Getting things together


From empty space, to in-process space to totally finished/cluttered/lived in space!

Again, a spatial saga with closets. Or the lack thereof. 

I wouldn’t call myself a clotheshorse, but I certainly seem to have a lot of clothes.  Enough to fill a decent sized closet at least.  So a system for organizing all our stuff in our bedroom was actually not readily resolved.

The solution we came up with actually proved to be pretty cheap and,  I think, a nice result and use of space.

We picked up a handful of these racks for about 5 euro apiece and created an open air, walk-in closet!

This cubbyhole system was definitely pricier than our open air closet solution, but we dig ‘em and they can serve many uses in different rooms in future homes too.

One of my favorite places around the 9 pm hour….my nightstand with current reads…

It’s just a home.

And it’s our home.

For now…..