My Cozy Cubbyhole

My Cozy Cubbyhole

Some months ago, a friend sent me a link about writer’s rooms and places to call one’s own in terms of creative process and retreat.  It’s no secret to those I know that I have been longing for a creative room of my own and that it has in fact been a small, achievable dream.

Alas, in the Bavarian digs, I find my space.

While I have long been dreaming of a tight and cozy nook for creative endeavors and have finally found it in this house, I have wondered how essential this space is to the actual production of material.

Last weekend, putting together the final pieces of the space (an Ikea bookshelf and desk that required the least assembly possible), it dawned on me why I held this little space in my mind as a beacon.

Many creative processes involve several stages.  I have been in production mode for years now. Fragments upon fragments of text, reels upon reels (digital and analog) of images.

Synthesis is the stage that has been knocking at my door.

So I nickname my space, my crazy cozy cubbyhole- my synthesis lab.

The boxes are empty but give the appearance of a whiskey and wild woman den.

I gave up whiskey awhile ago.

But did not give up wild mind.

The photo shelves

The Writing Wall & Table.

(not for blog writing).

For poetry & stories.

In process.


One must work.

Submission comes.

Aint she  a cutie?


The messy little photo/blogging nook

Coccoina Glue.

I have never liked a glue so much.

Until I met Coccoina.

I have long harbored an obsession with pencils.

My cozy cubbyhole. My cocoon.