Munich: First Visit

Munich: First Visit

We made our first trip to Munich on the last day of 2010.  Arriving in by train around noon and with plans to get back home for an evening celebration, we knew we had only a handful of hours to make an initial acquaintance with the city.

This type of initial trip is becoming fairly standard for us.  A brief first visit to ‘scope out’ the terrain, without maps or any real fixed plans.

As for me, I could have spent my entire first visit travelling the tunnels of Munich’s U-Bahn/subway system.  From the looks of it, many interesting and unique design schemes laid out amidst all the stations.

But alas, not everyone wants to spend their entire day sightseeing in the subway system. Compromises have to be made…

We moved about the busy central district, with a vague goal of getting to the Museum district….

I was completely delighted to have the opportunity to shoot a city new to my eyes and begin to experiment with the fish eye lens….

One thing that’s kind of nice about going to a city pretty “blind” (metaphorically speaking, i.e., no real clue about it’s geography, lay out, major monuments and so forth), is that slowly things begin to unfold after that first visit.  I haven’t a clue what most of the buildings I photographed are.  But now they are imprinted on my visual memory, and I can look forward to a bit of research- both about what I saw and did not see.

Subway love.  I will be back Munich, to spend many, many more hours in your tube system.

Walking in a straight line, but fairly clueless (and somewhat aimless), I was actually pleased to find out we were ending up in the University district (ok, one part of the city I had actually read a little bit about prior to this day).  It was a relief to start getting some breathing space- open streets and calm, away from the post holiday shopping surge as well as pre New Years Eve revelry that was going on in the center of town.  I am by no means a scrooge, I just like my space.

And I also kind of like almost empty streets and that utter calm that falls upon certain urban districts during days or parts of the year…once we got of the main road, the University district was almost a ghost town.

Closer to the heart of the city….a duck makes it’s crossing. Many pedestrians were very concerned about coaxing the animal completely across the tracks (it kept turning around and backtracking), which was nice to see. That is- human and duck pedestrian cooperation.