Peaceful Subcurrents

Peaceful Subcurrents

We people spend weeks (sometimes months) preparing for the holiday season which courses through many stages- flurries, surging, downpour, retreat, rest.  Of course, the chapters that make up our December stories are not always in that order and not always inclusive of those energies at all.

Amidst a small, but rather noisy barrage of neighborhood fireworks, we left the New Years Eve celebration where we had rung in the turn of 2011 to head home and tuck in.  Shortly after midnight struck, and people throughout the land began going utterly bonkers shooting off these messy, noisy fireworks (yes, I am a scrooge when it comes to these), we made our way quickly yet calmly through our new village of residence.

And arriving home, I felt the peace.  Perhaps a peace that would serve as a subcurrent throughout the entire year.  Certainly a peace that also coincided with being just thoroughly and deliciously exhausted after weeks of anticipation, settling in, organizing and celebrating.

Ushering in a moment of rest.  It was timely, I thought, that the first of the year kicked off on a Saturday.

Below, a little holiday excursion photo retrospect.  An afternoon expedition to Regensburg in early December, to enjoy the atmosphere of holiday revelry that is no doubt giving way now to renewed order and a fresh new space.

Off to the train station we go….



Exploring new routes in Regensburg







Goethe’s much referred to saying, “Do not hurry, Do not rest,” may be a highly appropriate mantra this year


Taking a lunch break in the atmospheric and delicious Haus Heuport

And off we go,

into the new space

of the New Year.

Whether you are in movement

or stationary,

in a calm phase

or one of mandala like busy-ness,

may your travels,

within and without,

be safe and dynamic.



heart strong.

Happy New Year All