5th Floor Fish Eye

5th Floor Fish Eye

I sometimes forget we have a fifth floor in this tall house we recently moved into.

It’s not hard to do.  It’s an attic after all and I have rarely lived in homes with attics.  There is no stairway leading up there (it is reached by a drop down ladder), so unless I am thinking about it, I forget it’s there.

Not to mention we, up until now, have had no plans for the space.  Unlike every other room, nook and cranny in this house, it is empty.

Cold, clean, empty space.

But recently, I attached the new fish eye lens bestowed upon me as a Christmas gift and ascended that ladder to inspect the space.

About a week after we moved in, while walking home, I noticed the attic light on.  I theatrically wigged out, wondering, ‘Well the house certainly doesn’t look like the haunted type.’

Unfortunately for my imaginative mind that enjoys a good thread of suspense and fortunately for the part of me that gets unbearable chills considering the potential presence of spirits in my new home who actually have the capacity to switch on lights, there was a rational explanation. Husband put out the possibility that the light switch on the 4th floor, connecting to the attic, had been switched on by mistake.

Indeed, that is what occurred.

Of course.

Previously unconsidered, I now have plans for this space.

“Plans within plans….” to quote one of my favorite pieces of fiction.