Welcome in....(excuse the mess)

Welcome in….(excuse the mess)

I was going to do a whole before/during/after post of our household goods delivery yesterday.  Of the several steps 0f moving,  yesterday was that lovely (and much awaited) landmark of our stuff being delivered.  So with all the before/during and some after photos of the process, that was my plan for this post.

But….it’s Christmas Eve. It’s snowing.  And I am reeling softly with gratitude.  For life, for love, for comfort and food.  Things I have always known, but increasingly remember to treasure.

View from our master bedroom (heretofore unslept in due to lack of our bed)

Morning of household goods delivery.  Coffee pot is set.  We are ready.

Beautiful sunrise in the region morning of delivery.

Murphy atop the loaner couch. Morn of delivery of our stuff.

Murphy was (we assume) born in Alabama, as that is where he was found as a kitten and where we adopted him.

So this was Murphy’s first PCS.

His first PCS was overseas.

Pretty savvy for a cat.

The movers are here!  The movers are here!

Appreciating the recently made igloo of the kids next door while our house is invaded by all of our stuff.

The living room before.

I scratched the idea of a before/during/after post partly because of the work it involves (must detach from computer soon to sink into the heart of Christmas Eve energy) but also because I simply don’t have many “after” shots.  Most of the rooms in our house look like a domestic disaster zone.

But…within 24 hours of our stuff being unloaded and emptied out of boxes, we managed to transform the living and kitchen room space into habitable, holiday worthy little family zones.  




24 hour turnaround people.

I am kind of impressed with us.

That said, excuse the rest of the house.

It’s a total mess.

Murphy’s first Christmas

Yes, we most certainly “baby” our animals.  They share love with us and provide some house entertainment and quirk and they are great for killing bugs.  Not a problem here, but I was grateful for their killing tendencies in Alabama….

The snow begins again after a short “warm” respite

Ronja the observer

After a morning of a mild coffee frenzy of putting books on shelves, shuttling loads of stuff to other rooms, washing loads of dishes and other general ‘settling-in’ tasks…. I had time to spare for some beer bread making.  No, I can’t claim it’s from scratch.  Trader Joe’s box mix that we moved with.

The church bells are ringing a special tune.  The turkey is in the oven and the appetizers are laid out.  Watching White Christmas with the hub and after a few days of no snow and warmer temps (warm enough to melt a little bit off of the mounds and mounds of snow around here) a little blizzard has now kicked in.

Frohe Weihnachten from our new home…