First Christmas Market

First Christmas Market

After about ten hours of milling through the festive booth laned squares & passages of Nürnberg, we were pretty wiped, not to mention done with navigating the crowds.  However, it was a must see for the region however & though I feel I got my fill….I am sure future weekends will see more Christmas Market expeditions.  Perhaps just smaller versions next time….

The view from Casa del Puro: La Casa del Habano…where we later returned for a nightcap before the ride home, as well as some unexpected great conversation with Bavarian & American travelers who also had the idea to escape the crowds & take refuge in the smoky, cozy, 2nd floor cigar bar. This type of spontaneous conversing is almost always among the best parts of exploration & travel for me…..besides documenting the spaces of cities with the camera.

 Peeking onto the markets from the cigar bar

The beautiful horses… 

First mug of Glühwein for the season…and the day

A hot toddy for husband

Back at St. Sebaldus Church

Still carrying my Glühwein, lukewarm by now

Mental note:  always drink Glühwein while hot.

Snow iced city fabric

I loved how the worker elves had the Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags blowing in the cold breeze behind them

I didn’t really capture the details, but the carousel was one of the most adorable and magnificent I’ve seen, with many little, differently theme booths for the kinder (children)

More Glühwein, this time, Bio-Glühwein, less sweet.

Finally, on our third trip to this city, I managed to make it into the underground.  It was a fairly straightforward subway station, but I had to check the space out.

In the underground arcade

My final snack of the day….one of my favorites.  Potato pancakes with applesauce

Evening scenes in the city

Back at Casa del Puro (below), overlooking the main square.

Sundown has passed & the Christmas lights are on.

A cozy scene with travelers from many places & paths fills the air.