Second Time in Nürnberg (Part 2)

Second Time in Nürnberg (Part 2)

More pics from recent excursions to Nürnberg….

Old Town, Nürnberg

Nürnberg Castle…nice, brief city trek to get here

Heading to the outlook…

There was a fair amount of smooching going on at the outlook…

Exploring the streets and passages of Nürnberg

Time for beer.  While sitting outside one of our (already) favored drinking spots- an Irish Pub in the center of the city- we couldn’t help but notice how many couples strolling by stopped to ruminate over the merchandise in the neighboring “naughty stuff” shop.  We thought it was the nurses outfit that drew the attention of basically half of all people passing by, couples and all.  But later, we realized it was something else.


Until next time Nürnberg….