Second Time in Nürnberg  (Part 1)

Second Time in Nürnberg (Part 1)

The first time around we saw mainly beer.  This time, we were ready to explore more of the city and streetscape….

Before the train ride we stopped at what is already my favorite little local bakery and I picked up some of these delicious Johannisbeertörtchens for the train ride.

Both times now we have visited Nürnberg there was a tremendous amount of activity going on downtown.  On this day, something organized was clearly underway, but we made our way quickly through the crowd due to the noise and a mild level of agoraphobia.

Loving the side passages and streetscape….

Crossing one of the several little bridges of the city….the water was quite murky, but did not smell murky.

This is the land of Christmas Markets and the Christkindlesmarkt in Nürnberg is   one of the most famous.  It officially opens on the 26th of November and on this particular Saturday, set-up for the Market was well underway.  It was nice to see the preparations….the next time we visit this area will be a bustling hub of holiday cheer and  energy.

Taking a break in a cafe overlooking the Christmas Market

St. Sebaldus Church

St. Sebaldus: Patron Saint of Nürnberg

Concert or a practice underway…