Fog, Time & Bells Chime

Fog, Time & Bells Chime

On the front terrace of the lovely Gasthof Hotel we stayed at for our first week and a half in Germany

As absolutely none of my prior posts have revealed, I am (and have been for many years) a student and follower of the astrological tides.  I don’t even bother with the naysayers anymore.  It works for me, in the sense that I view it as another form of psychology and layer of perception.

With that said, here’s a slightly bizarre little ditty I wrote years ago in homage to the current season.


Season of amber,

raven and sanguine

hues drench

labyrinthian depths.

Upon the zeroth


and split

into eighth.

Eighth is a reference to the Scorpionic time of year (8th sign of the zodiac) and….taking caution to not get into my bizarre ideas too deeply (just yet), I have always felt a lovely sort of time warping with the season of Scorpio- a.k.a., the typical onset of Fall in many parts of the Northern hemisphere.  Perhaps some fellow, and wiser, astrologers will be able to lay it out for me someday, but since I have started living with the seasons, I always felt this time of year brought crisper awareness (and air) as well as a clockwork regard that I do not have the patience to outline in a blog post.  It is a theme far more deserving of a science fiction-esque essay.

That said.  Happy Birthday Scorps.  You were indeed born under a strange sign.  One whose depths I love to kindly plunge, examine and explore.

Just as much as I love exploring a scenic woods territory!

Our most recent adventure…..We were sure these woods would lead us to our destination. But alas, after tromping through unknown trails and villages and a good deal of manure and horse dung (the husband noted that I seemed to trample clumsily right through the crap), we ended up a few miles in the opposite direction from our destination.  Thank you to the kindly soul who just drove us to our destination, probably wondering what this duo was doing wandering through a rather pedestrian unfriendly countryside.

Picture, pre-realization that we were heading further and further from our destination point.  The woods were lovely though.

Are we there yet?

One of our cats watches intently as I pack (again) while The Adams Family, dubbed in German, plays in the background.

I have never in my life calculated time by church bells.  But here, I did.  I learned to wait for the preliminary bells to chime (I’m sure they mean something too) and then would count each resounding chime after that to know the hour.  I found it very useful. At every hour of the day and night I found myself awake.

Coincidentally, though I lived in Germany for a brief time before, Autumn was the only season I did not experience.

Nice to see you Autumn.

Happy Scorpionic trails all…..Rest well, nourish well, live well.

Onto the next space…