National Gallery of Art: Munch and More

National Gallery of Art: Munch and More

The last time I went to a National Gallery of Art may have been over a decade ago, on a visit to the Norwegian capital city, Oslo.  The Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arkitektur og Design (National Museum for Art, Architecture & Design) was one of my favorite museum experiences to date. I recall combing the lovely capital city afterward for more museum experiences.

It was an announcement in News of Norway, the Norwegian Embassy’s free quarterly magazine, about a Munch exhibition in D.C. that drew me to visiting the National Gallery of Art stateside, in Washington D.C. one early Autumn afternoon.

Between the exhibitions, the museum space, the underground concourse, the lovely shop offerings, the espresso, gelato & good company, it was a stellar museum experience. I didn’t want to leave!

In the East Building

“dark and magical….”

Truly.  The works of Arcimboldo were enchanting in a very surreal & slightly creepy way, reminiscent of the visuals of one of my favorite movies, Pan’s Labyrinth.

The tunnel in the underground concourse, a light exhibit in itself. A few more images from the museum’s underground space here.

The cafe in the underground concourse

The cascading waterfall under the pyramids in the underground concourse.

A museum worthy relic in itself- a functioning & clean telephone booth!

Wall-Eyed Carp/ROCI JAPAN, Robert Rauschenberg

Winter, Philip Haas (after Arcimboldo)

Rothko Chapel Exhibit

East Building from the outside