Citizen's Journey: D.C.

Citizen’s Journey: D.C.

I am sometimes nostalgic about the days of film, when I would embark on a short trip, armed with a few rolls of film & my Nikon FM 5.  Every photo moment was treasured & well prepared.  The excitement & tension in waiting for prints is not quite paralleled with the new immediacy of the digital age, even if there are certainly key aspects of digital photography I can appreciate.

Now, I embark on a weekend trip & taking 300 photos in the span of a couple days is small peas (New Orleans is my current record- about 700 shots taken in 3 days & 2 nights). Much of the D.C. trip was left to memory, not film (although extensive digital memories were made), which is how it is sometimes meant to be.  Memories.

This past weekend was very much about dedicating energy to visiting the capital of our nation.  Spending time with friends & family. Visiting epic & well traveled spaces…

“(I have a dream) I got a Dream

(That one day) We’re gonna work it out…”


Experiencing Arlington Cemetery

Changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns (a.k.a. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier)

We had planned on walking up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, as well as strolling down the Mall, but both were completely occupied by a rally.

WW II Monument

At the WW II Monument with the beautiful Washington Monument in the background

We walked from Arlington, past the Lincoln Memorial, dodging the rally crowds & down Smithsonian Row to finally reach NMAI (National Museum of the American Indian), for lunch. Autumn seemed to be on it’s first few days during our visit & I thrilled at the fact that we made our “Citizen’s Journey” to the nation’s capital during my favorite season’s heralding moment.  Walking up to the beautifully planned NMAI, the air was crisp, delicious to gulp. We ate in the 1st level cafe (food offerings divided up by regional native traditions), looking out the large window & surrounded by other residents & travellers enjoying the season’s turn & bounty of visual riches & cultural traditions the Smithsonian museums offer.

Paintings: Weh Pom (Coyote) and the Star Sisters, by Judith Lowry

This & the following pieces are featured at “Vantage Point,”The Contemporary Native Art Collection currently on exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian.

Peacemaker, (skateboard) by Douglas Miles

Richard’s 3rd Hand, # 16, by Lorenzo Clayton

Chief Joseph Series, by Kay WalkingStick

Metro exhibit at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Smithsonian Air & Space Annex in Dulles