From Destin with Love

From Destin with Love

Our occasional weekend road trips to Destin are coming to an end here soon, with an impending move.  It seemed fitting that this past weekend’s weather was thick with a glimpse of a typical Autumn day.  It made for a bit of romance and mystery in atmosphere.

It’s funny how some of the simplest things from your childhood become infused with a nostalgia that you would not otherwise attribute to, say, a grocery store.

I have not been to a Publix since my childhood days in southern Florida.  This was, honestly, really exciting for me.

Gearing up on coffee for the grocery store adventure.  I have seen the whole complimentary coffee thing at Trader Joe’s and the commissary.  It’s a nice touch.

Arriving at our weekend destination lodging, the Henderson Park Inn in Destin, a lovely bed and breakfast rated the area’s favorite romantic getaway and best inn.

Very nice entree into the room.  I am an arts and craft nerd and packed one of my artsy craftsy projects for the trip.  I sheepishly admit that one of the first things that crossed my mind when we came into the room was a thrill over the very ample floor space where I would be able to lay out my project.

We brought the Petit Four’s along with us.

And the miniature cannoli’s.  The Inn has a complimentary bottle of wine in your room when you arrive so it was all very complementary.

Paper is my obsession. I should seed ten forests in gratitude to the land for all the paper I have consumed in my life.

The arts and crafts project, involving clip outs, photos and paper galore, has really become quite intense.  It has also heralded my new love affair with Coccoina Glue.  But more about that on another day….

Dig the baby waffles.  More on food at the Inn over at one of my other blogs: Friday Feast.

Moody skies.  These pictures were taken right before dusk fell.  The next morning held rain and grey skies but most of the chairs were occupied by eleven am anyway.

‘Twas a birthday weekend gift.

Gettin’ comfy in my old bones.

From the moment we arrived, I felt like the whole situation had a bit of an Agatha Christie feel.

However, we were spared crime and true intrigue.