NOLA: Yours Truly

NOLA: Yours Truly

As anyone who has scanned through just a bit of my photography and posts will realize- I don’t do many people pics.  Behind the scenes there might be many, but I don’t post them.  I don’t have the energy to ask everyone for permissions and it’s just not my bag to do people photos.  Not yet anyway.

So, instead, as part of the NOLA photo extravaganza here I am going to get totally self indulgent and do a post of me in New Orleans.  Enjoy.  I certainly did.

On the drive down, at about the half way mark (still in Alabama) we pulled into a gas station.  There was a horse at the gas station.  There was the owner. I asked the owner if I could take a pic of the horse and this is what ensued.

Zulu: The horse

Ken: The owner

Thanks for the shots

Waiting for the train to cross

Freshly tatted.  Freshly rested.  Time to bid adieu to New Orleans.

NOLA- Much Love To You!!!!!