Oh Portland, were I to return for a visit, you would be under my lens night and day.

Two years ago this week, I was settling into my first month of living in Portland, Oregon.  Spring was messy and beautiful and seemed to have begun that month.  Days were filled with dramatic shifts between hail, classic Pacific Northwest rain and spurts of golden sun.

Portland is one of those places I am really glad I lived and would like to return to for a visit.  Most places I’ve lived, I feel that way about, but in different moods and senses.  My place affair with Portland is very much wrapped up in the space, so the visit I imagine is a photography quest: extensive photographing of this city that reminded me, in several ways, of a “European city.”  One of the biggest ways was the physical layout and character of much of the city.  Low scale, a plethora of bike paths (and bike culture), a great bus system, a great light rail system and a very grounded, practical and widespread preservation culture.  An absolutely photogenic city with a decidedly low key pace, for an urban area.  When it comes to the Pacific Northwest, I definitely think I’m more Seattle leaning, but I’m glad I got to know Portland for a time….


At home, one of my absolute favorite digs in all the apartment homes I inhabited……