The Lodge

The Lodge

Great Bear Den

is familial and right.

Hunker down Fireside

for a storied and warming light.

Gathering and nourishment

in Morning Squirrel Nook.

In Hunter Snake Library

find intrigue in a book.

Cavernous Redwood Hall

is ceremonial and serene.

In Sun Cub Circle they play and learn,

attunded to the magic of a child’s dream.

Honey you know the drill”

is a line from one of my favorite songs.

It’s a mantra at Running Horse Saloon

where you’re either off or you’re on.

In Medicine Deer Alcove you’ll find

the remedy for the root of all your tears.

At Dark Crow Lookout, poets, vigilantes

and midnight riders herd the shadows and fears.

Most days rain or shine,

find me in Strong Eagle Post,

penciling spirited correspondances,

tending the archives of ghosts.