Spring Woodsy

Spring Woodsy

So I realize I’m not as campy as I imagine myself to be.  Spiders in the house freak me out but spiders outside intrigue me.  It still hasn’t set in that some animals are more scared of me than I am of them.  The other night, when I realized that I was sharing my backyard space with a possum, I noisily bolted indoors, effectively (unintendedly) freaking out the little possum into a corner of the backyard for many hours of the night.  I’m pretty sure both the possum and I had the same goal in mind: it leaving via whatever way it came.  However, due to the trauma of my noise and presence, it decided to hide out for most of the night in a bush in our backyard, where he/she remained for many hours.  I hope it didn’t have possum babies waiting for its return but I guess this is the way of wildlife.

We live jutted up right against the woods, so it behooves me to become more familiar with the wildlife here.   That said, I swear I’ll adopt a non interference policy if possums take over the backyard.  I can hang out in the carport if I need to go outdoors.  No prob you guys.

A pot still undisturbed by the possum(s).  I’d really like to see my sunflowers grow but the seeds appear to be too scrumptious to the local wildlife….  We’ll see.  The Alaskan shasta daisies are growing undisturbed.  I pray for all the little sprouts…

I’m still such a hippie.

Vernal Equinox.

Folksy bluesy tunes.

Incense in the outdoors.

Chalk on the ground

(My variation of “writing on the wall”)

The chalk on the ground is my blueprint of “The Lodge.” My mind writing hideaway.