New cat on the block

New cat on the block

Horizon tonight is rich with a glowing deep pink, framed between the earth and a dome of deep dusky blue. The sundown palette here in Alabama never fails to strike me in its beauty.

And somehow, these past few days, I managed to really not capture many decent shots of the local snowfall!   I hear that 49 states had snowfall this past weekend. Amazing!!!

Locally, things pretty much shut down for a moment there, snow being so rare. This was the first snow all winter here and I’m curious to see if it will be the last.

In other news, another cat in the house!  We adopted little Murphy last week and he readily took to his new home.  Although the other cat in the house did not readily take to him, I think relations have improved a bit.

She watches alertly…

“He’s such a spaz.”  She probably thinks.

Every active kitten needs some downtime.

Globs of snow falling on Southern Alabama.