Rainy Day Retrospect: The Emerald City

Rainy Day Retrospect: The Emerald City

It’s rainin’ on the home front here- one of those grey, wet days that just gets my psyche rolling.  And with the drizzly morning mood, another city retrospect for the files that harkens back to a city that seems to be well known for rain seems in order.

When I decided to move to Seattle several years back the response from people was often very similar.  “But it rains so much!!”  Oh really now?  Anyone who knows me knows I would find this very much an added bonus, so I would just smile and think, “Hmm, wonderful!”

Of course, the summer I moved there, the city had one of it’s unusually hot, and very dry summers.  The shops in my neighborhood had completely sold out of fans and I found it comically ironic that I moved there ready to start an umbrella collection, but the only moisture I found was in a stream of uncomfortable sweat.

But then Autumn came.  The first “real” Autumn I had ever experienced.  Beautiful.  I’ve been in love with Autumn ever since.

So Seattle, here’s to you. You are still one of my favorite cities in the nation.

One of the things I love about this city is it’s walkability as well as it’s architecture- exterior and interior.  The built landscape of Seattle is full of many great historic structures rehabilitated to new use as well as a lot of interesting new architecture.  It’s pretty much a dream for someone who wants to spend the entire day photographing spaces and buildings.

The Alibi Room

Seattle is also where I was gifted my first “real” camera- a Nikon FM 2 when my dad visited.  A special gift that also paved the way for my love of film photography as well as ended up being the tool with which I this began to document this, and other places I experienced along the way.  My memories of Seattle will always be inextractable  from the memory of the beginning of a love of architectural photography.

Building at University of Washington

Pike Place Market Space

Pike Place

Pioneer Square

Seattle rain…
its touch
and scent…
remind me of a pencil-
freshly pointed-
tip upon paper fibers…
minute specks of lead
from the lines
and curves…
deliberately drawn

The Pearl

favored haunt, r.i.p.