Wolf Moon Retrospect: Tromsø

Wolf Moon Retrospect: Tromsø

I find the current wintry fringe on things to pose an ideal moment for a city retrospect….

I do the retrospects in part because I love memories and reflecting, but also because I simply wasn’t blogging when I experienced a lot of these places. Most  of the photos I use for my “retrospect” posts are permanent fixtures in my photo galleries at my other website Arkkod.

So, moving on to the focus of this retrospect…Tromsø. This place captured my mind initially, and quite thoroughly, through a very bright and colorful pamphlet for an “Arctic Architectures” conference.  I did not attend the conference, but I held on to that vivid little piece of paper and later in time, spent a vigorous couple of seasons in this invigorating and diverse Arctic hub.

A very pedestrian shot but notice the great variation in hues of  house paint


Rainy late summer day

A fellow student’s beautiful dog: Freyki