A Year (or two) in review

A Year (or two) in review


Photo at a Montessori school I worked at in Fairbanks

A couple of years ago on this date I was heading to Fairbanks to dig in my shoes a bit.  Darkness, darkness, darkness and some cozy space.  I spent my few months there working at a wonderful Montessori school….and if I ever have children, I will now be able to tell them, and their children:  “Back in the day ye lil ones, I walked to school (to work), in 35° below!  No more complaining!”  It was a quite an experience. And actually, I have since ceased speaking of my yearning for “the cold.”  It was more than fulfilled here….

I like cold.  But this was COLD.

I left Fairbanks in late March of 2008 for the greener pastures of Portland, Oregon.  In my first few spring days there, the sun glowed brightly, it poured and also hailed.  Ah, the lovely tumultuous weather of Pacific Northwest Spring days.  Beautiful.  And while my move to Alaska was thread with the hopes that I might settle there (as is often the comedic expectation of mine when I move somewhere), I didn’t know how much I had missed the “Lower 48″ until I returned….

I was completely in love with my apartment (particularly the bathroom) in the Southeast Old Industrial District in Portland.  One of my favorite habitats to date…..

Portland, aka PDX, waterfront

Visiting the Big Island with Mike to meet the parents (my parents) and explore….first time on the islands for Mike

Kava Bar, Kona

Viewing the lava flow

Seeing the growth in my parent’s palm “garden” is always amazing.  This time around we also get to see the nursery operation in full bloom.  If you are on the Big Island and interested in cultivation of palms, contact me.  I happen to know an amazing palm cultivator;)

Exploring the jungle around my folk’s place

Richardson’s Beach

Upon returning to Portland after the island visit a deep winter was thumping and it was soon time to move house.  We relocated across the Columbia River to the more mellow environs of Vancouver, Washington, knowing it would be temporary…but not knowing for how long.  Oh the suspense…

On this day last year, my boyfriend (now hubbie) and I were on our last day of the marathon move across the river.  We spent the evening at the delicious Hawaiian themed Tommy O’s in downtown Vancouver and I awoke on New Year’s 2009 breathing in some deliciously cool air.

In early Autumn of 2009 my brother and his girlfriend were coming back from an Alaskan Cruise whose voyage ended in Seattle.  We took the opportunity to take the train up to Seattle and meet up with them for a few hours. Seattle holds a dear place in my heart as the first place I really lived on my own as well as my first real urban living experience.  My love for photography and architecture were born here.  Returning this time around gives me the visuals to recall all the reasons why this is possibly one of my favorite cities to date in the States.

Pioneer Square

Catching up with my friends at Ars Obscura in Pioneer Square over sake is always a treat…

Recommended: Dragonfish Cafe at the Paramount Hotel, Downtown Seattle.  Wasabi Bloody Mary and a damn scrumptious happy hour!!

Marriage!!!  Simple and to the point!  Just the way I dreamed it;)

My husbands active duty orders arrived in early September and we were hitting the road in late October…..

Beginnings of first cross country road trip

This is actually my first rodeo….

Great, historic armed forces lodging:  Crow Creek Inn

Settled into our home in Fort Rucker by Halloween

A very dynamic 2010 ringing in to you all!!