NYC is poetry

NYC is poetry

1Somehow, the approach of Christmas is entwined, for me, with the memory of New York City. Perhaps it’s the surge of holiday films, a cycle of cozy and heartwarming movies, some of which perfectly capture that magic of The City.

I’m positive that my own mental picture of NYC has largely been molded by film depictions of the place, whether or not the location meant to be NYC was actually filmed there- such as much of one of my favorites, ‘Eyes Wide Shut,’ which I was impressed to find was largely filmed in England. Then again, it was Kubrick’s mind behind the thing.

I once stayed in a Swedish university town that I heard someone describe as ‘a little box of chocolates.’  An active yet serene town I experienced in Kauai was a sort of slumbering dragon by the sea (yes, Puff), verdant hills perhaps evidence of it stretched within the landscape.  I search my mind for metaphors for NYC but find none to my liking, expect perhaps, simply, that New York City is poetry.


The days and nights I’ve spent visiting this city are a patchwork of  images and emotions: the pulse when I first arrive on the Greyhound; Harlem morns and eves;   curiosities in Chinatown; falling in love with the farmers market in Union Square and dreaming of a busy life in Brooklyn. It’s a city I, like many people, was so eager to know, neighborhood by neighborhood, block by block, so much so that I chose to walk as often as I possibly could in order to maximize what I took in, including a fairly extensive (for a city) I-don’t-know-how-many-blocks walk from Harlem to the Financial District.


In all the whirlwind, fascination, exhaustion and rush of memories, the fantasy still remains.  NYC has my heart. So, I simply must devote at least a tiny bit of space and energy to a retrospect.  New York’s city’s soul might best be described through it’s people and the community, but as is often the case, my lens tends to rests on the buildings, architecture and space also being part of that soul of a location.


“You come to New York to find the ambiance that will evoke your best.  You do not necessarily know precisely what that might be, but you come to New York to discover it.”

-Dr. James Hillman


“A hundred times have I thought New York is a catastrophe and fifty times: It is a beautiful catastrophe.”

-Le Corbusier


“New York City is the biggest collection of villages in the world.”

-Alistair Cooke



Central Park






St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery


“The Nam,”  Bronx








Grand Central Station