Arriving at Fort Rucker

Arriving at Fort Rucker

Morning.  Choppers overhead.  Choppers late night.  This is indeed the Army Aviation Center.

A week ago this morning we were moving into our new home after having arrived, the night before, not as frazzled as I would have expected after pretty much haulin’ ass here.  We may not have been totally beat down from the road trip, but we were ready to get home and off the road.

Kitty was ready too.  In the approximately 12 hours we spent in temporary lodging I thought we had lost her two times to the outdoors.  Couldn’t find her anywhere.  Lo and behold, both times she was discovered inside of the recliner in the room. Despite her fairly smooth adjustment to life on the road,  I guess she figured that by hiding she could be saved from another day of it by seeking what looked like uncomfortable refuge in the recliner.  She didn’t really want to come out.
RonjaRoad13Ronja on the last leg of the road trip- the 5 minute drive from temporary housing to our house.  She really dislikes the pet carrier and I have never seen her willingly enter or stay in its confines, but on the last leg of our trip she simply did not emerge.  It was a timely homecoming, to get us and the sweet feline settled.

After some days here now, however, it seems she’s realized we’re not in Vancouver anymore.  Or at least, she’s realized, the days of squirrel patrol are over.  The woods lie thick behind our backyard fence.  Unfortunately for her interest in exploring (but fortunately perhaps for her life), the woods are off limits.  Unlike her namesake, she shall not be Ronja of the Woods.

Fort Rucker is a  rather woodsy base.  It may be a bit isolated, but it is peaceful (the buzz of the choppers sort of a distant rumble).  All in a day you see soldiers in formation, families shopping for food, people playing golf.  It’s a community. It was nice to arrive and have minds settled a bit and get down to business with this next chapter of living.

LakeTholocco1Lake Tholocco


EquestrianCenter1Fort Rucker Equestrian Center

EquestrianCenter2Horse approaching

EquestrianCenter3I don’t know the horse’s name yet, but I hope we have a trail ride in our future