I Wear My Mask on the Inside

I Wear My Mask on the Inside

Our mailman wished us a “happy holiday weekend.”

Hmmm.  One of the happiest mailman I ever did see as well as one of the cheeriest greetings I ever did receive for a “holiday” that seems quite possibly a bit macabre in roots.

Well, I haven’t done the historical research. I don’t know how Halloween came about.  But the descending dark times and kind of creepy beauty of this stage of Autumn definitely cast a sort of dark shadow on the speculation of the origination of this sweet and crazy celebration we call Halloween.

I haven’t really dressed up for ages.  Well, actually, I take that back.  Last Halloween I wore a ski mask.  That was fun. Some people loved the mask.  Others not so much.

It was an interesting costume decision because in past Hallowen’s I liked to say “I wear my mask on the inside.”


I’m sure I creeped people out with both the saying and the actual mask.  Halloween, for adults, seems to be a decidedly spooky and sexy event.  For kids- well I did observe that the freaky Freddy Krueger and Jason outfits didn’t start showing up on our doorstep until the later hours of eve when the teens began to roam the trick or treating path.  Prior to that, it was pure adorableness with toddlers seeming completely clueless as to what was going on as they toddled about in their little bear and panda outfits holding out plastic pumpkins while their parents urged them on.

Sweet souls.  I have no doubts that this Halloween thing was, for them, a rather strange event.