Autumn is Here

Autumn is Here


Photo: First Autumn experienced in Seattle, 2000

Autumn is here.  Finally.  I fall in love with this season every time it rolls around. I am not always in a place where I can actually experience it, but here in the Pacific Northwest Autumn’s arrival is being felt.  The weekly weather exchanges crisp, golden sunny days with grey, rainy skies.  I love it all. The transition into the cooling period is a relief to my senses and I savour every moment.

I ring in the rustling season with the start of this new blog.  A tribute to movement and the crafts I continue to hone.

So to start things off, here’s an excerpt from a poem I wrote through a writing exchange with a friend.  The topic of the week was ‘suffering.’  I immediately thought of the bodhisattva spirit and the notion of creatures on this planet committed to the cessation of suffering for all beings.  It’s a huge idea.  I hope to approach it in life with humility, grace- and a dash of feistiness.

Bodhisattvas are Everywhere

Some sip suffering like wine.



Some serve,

and mourn.

Some are wrapped in beauty,

seducing a solution

through an earthly form.

Some are inconspicuous entirely,

casting awareness as frequently as beings are born


A bodhisattva does not desire peace-

not peace alone.

Beauty, truth, nor a noble stance

defines a bodhisattva.

By features they are unrecognizable,

by presence, undeniable.

Small things, small things.

And sometimes tremendous acts.

Jeweled in tears,

engaged to compassion and rigor.


philosophers of our condition,

warriors of a timeless tract.

For some the weapon is words,

the chosen path a single act.

With mind open,

you see a bodhisattva in a single glance.